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From Halal-Friendly to Halal-Certified Bakery

🎉 From Halal-Friendly to Halal-Certified : Delcie’s is Now Officially Halal-Certified! 🎉

We're thrilled to share some fantastic news with you, Delcie’s is now officially Halal-Certified, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to inclusivity and diverse dietary preferences. It has been a long process, however, we are grateful to have been able to cross the finish line and receive our Halal Certification.

Why Halal Certification Matters?

Did you know that schools often have strict requirements for food brought onto their premises?

Navigating the complex landscape of dietary requirements, especially in schools and childcare centres, can be challenging. From nut allergies to lactose intolerance and the common need for vegetarian or halal options, finding a cake that satisfies all these needs is no easy feat for parents. 

At Delcie’s, we understand these challenges and have always followed a strict process, ensuring that our offerings are not only Halal-friendly but also meet the highest standards of taste and quality for most to enjoy.  All our ingredients are Halal-certified, and we refrain from using animal by-products or alcohol in our recipes, making us, inherently Halal-Friendly. However, being merely Halal-Friendly is no longer sufficient, especially when it comes to celebrations in schools, childcare centres, or events. 

The lack of Halal Certification has led to prolonged wait times for approvals and the endless process of proving ingredient and preparation techniques meet the management’s requirements of being Halal without a certification. Unfortunately, at times, these requests were denied. That showed us the importance and relevance of the Halal Certification.

From Halal-Friendly to Halal-Certified

While our commitment to being Halal-friendly has been unwavering since Delcie’s began, we recognised the need to go a step further. The journey from Halal-friendly to officially Halal-Certified was fueled by our desire to eliminate the hassle that many of our customers faced when seeking approvals for school celebrations, events, or childcare gatherings.

Streamlining the Approval Process:

In the past, our lack of Halal Certification often resulted in lengthy wait times for product approvals, with the added challenge of proving the adherence to stringent ingredient and preparation guidelines. Sadly, in some cases, these requests were denied. We understand the frustration this caused, and that's why we are overjoyed to announce the end of this era. 

Delcie’s has received the prestigious Halal Certificate from MUIS, streamlining the approval process and ensuring that you can confidently choose our products for any occasion, without rejection.

Meeting Various Dietary Requirements:

With this certification, we can now proudly check one more box on our list of meeting various dietary requirements:

✅ Nut-Free

✅ Dairy-Free

✅ Eggless

✅ Gluten-Free

✅ Diabetic-Friendly

✅ Halal Certified

Say No to Rejection, Say Yes to Delcie’s:

To all the parents out there worried about finding the perfect cake for your child’s celebration – worry no more! Delcie’s is your go-to destination for approved, scrumptious and inclusive cakes. Say no to rejection and say yes to the delight that only Delcie’s can bring to your special occasions.