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Top Food Allergies in Singapore

Food allergies are becoming increasingly prevalent in Singapore, with an estimated 5% of children and 2% of adults suffering from some form of food allergy. The most common food allergens in Singapore are shellfish, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, and soy. These allergens can cause a range of symptoms, from mild hives and rashes to severe anaphylaxis, which can be life-threatening if not treated promptly.

In Singapore, food allergies slowly being taken seriously, with stricter labeling laws in place to help consumers identify potential allergens in their pre-packaged food.

More and more restaurants and food establishments also offer eggless and dairy-free friendly options. However, many do not have protocols in place to ensure that allergens are not cross-contaminated during food preparation. As a result, finding safe and delicious food for children with allergies can be a challenge for parents.

Despite measures, it is important for individuals with food allergies to remain vigilant and take steps to avoid potential allergens to prevent allergic reactions.

The most common food allergens we had seen in our recent orders are eggs, dairy, and nuts, among younger children aged 5 and below.

That's where Delcie's Desserts and Cakes comes in. As a 100% plant-based bakery, they offer a wide range of vegan cakes that are eggless and dairy-free. We also have treats that cater to those with multiple food allergies.

At Delcie’s, we understand the importance of inclusive desserts for celebrations, ensuring that our creations are free from eggs, dairy, and nuts. Parents can now enjoy peace of mind while their children indulge in tasty and safe desserts.

For further assurance, our entire bakery does not touch egg and dairy. We also use nut-free tools to process orders with such request too. 

For eggless, dairy free and nut free products, visit our Baby Friendly menu.

At Delcie's Desserts, we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy delicious cakes and treats without sacrificing their health. That's why all our vegan cakes are made with natural low-GI ingredients and no cane sugar, making them suitable for diabetics and health-conscious individuals.

And with our cakes being customisable to exclude any allergens, Delcie's Desserts is the perfect choice for any celebration.

So whether it's a birthday party or an intimate gathering, Delcie's is here for your next celebration. With our next 2 hour urgent islandwide delivery service and availability on multiple platforms such as Red Mart, Food Panda, Grab Food and Shopee, it has never been easier to enjoy guilt-free and inclusive best vegan desserts in Singapore.


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